Recently Diagnosed with CRPS?

We understand that it can feel overwhelming to be diagnosed with CRPS, you are not alone. We are here to help in anyway that we can. Before you begin your CRPS research, there are a few things that we would like to highlight:

Knowledge is power and we are here to help. Every patient is different, but you are not alone. If you've been living with CRPS and have only recently been diagnosed, check out our Living With CRPS page for more relevant information.

Important reminders to new CRPS Warriors from CRPS Warriors: 

- Although your pain is NOT in your mind, or made up, it is controlled by your brain. 


- Remind yourself often during the first year that 'it does not hurt'. Mental and verbal reminders are recommended.

- Do not push past your pain limits, but know that your pain receptors are a little damaged right now. They could be alerting you more often than necessary as you try to rewire them.

- Touch your CRPS limb often, rub lotion on it, move it as frequently (within your comfort levels) as possible. 

- Know that everything is going to be ok.

- Things are going to change and you will more than likely face a few challenges, but they will somehow make you stronger as well. 

- You will learn how to live with CRPS. We are here to help.

- Remember that remission is always possible, there is hope. Stay informed, with accurate knowledge, be strong and maintain a positive and mindful attitude when possible.

Finding a Physiotherapist who understands CRPS and following their guidance is important. They will teach you things that can change the way CRPS affects your life. 


Please remember that every patient is different, in every way. Our symptoms, severity, possible treatment options and results vary.  Although there is currently no cure, there are a lot of options for patients to try. When one doctor says that they've tried all they can do, get another doctors opinion. We can assist you with this process. 

Take notes of your symptoms and pictures of flare-ups when possible. Keeping track of these things will not only help you, but it can also assist your medical providers while creating your treatment plan. See 'Living with CRPS' for more information on preparing for Medical Appointments. 



-More information coming soon-9/1/22