Conquer CRPS Team

Kristen Sparkle

Kristen started the idea of Conquer CRPS in 2017 after being diagnosed & treated without success. A pain specialist suggested that she share her story with others in an attempt to inspire a change within the CRPS Community. She started a blog and a social media account dedicated to CRPS Awareness, founded the Walk to Conquer CRPS and made herself available for support services while trying to help other Warriors in any way she can. She is having a tough battle with CRPS and lack of awareness within her community, but has been able to help others because of it. She is the Mother to Conquer CRPS and found an incredible team of people to help execute these big dreams. Her goal is to ensure that future generations of CRPS Warriors do not have to go through what we have. We are Stronger Together & Together, we will Conquer CRPS.


Christine has been a CRPS Warrior since 2004 and has overcome a lot since her diagnosis. She has had many treatments throughout the years, but her continued treatment plan is being threatened by the federal government. Changes are needed. Christine offers a support group meeting online every 2 weeks & does everything that she can to help fellow CRPS Warriors. She plays a crucial role in our Social Media team, Fundraising efforts, research and Support groups. Her kindness, commitment and expertise completes our CRPS Dream Team.


Arlene was a Licensed Practical Nurse before a work place injury caused her CRPS diagnosis in 2019. Kristen and her immediately connected to make a change within the CRPS & medical community, where sincere changes are needed. Arlene is fortunate to have a wonderful medical team surrounding her, but the treatment options that she requires are not available in her area.  Arlene is part of the Social Media team, Research efforts and support groups. Her experiences have equipped her with a passion to make sincere changes with the processes she has gone through and we could not make these changes without her dedication, commitment & expertise.


Patti has lived with CRPS since she was a teenager, but was able to be in remission for several years. In 2015, after she became a wife, a mother, a business owner and a nurse, Patti's CRPS returned. She has tried many treatments, but has not reached remission since. She is currently using a DRG stimulator. Patti plays a crucial role with our social media, research and fundraising departments. Her positive personality, experiences and expertise helps fuel her fire for a change within the CRPS community. A few of the many reasons she is the newest member of the CRPS Dream Team. 

Selena Gagnon

Selena has been a CRPS Warrior since 2019 and although her journey has been difficult so far, she has become even stronger because of it. She is an incredibly personable person who spends many hours volunteering within a few organizations. She specializes in mental health work and has helped many people since she began. She has become an important part of Conquer CRPS, jumping into any challenge she's faced with, without fear. We truly look forward to growing stronger together. She is also the co-host of the Painfully Fabulous Podcast with Kristen & Christine.