Our Mission:

"Helping Patients & Doctors navigate through life with CRPS & Chronic Pain'

What we have done so far:

The idea of Conquer CRPS started in 2018 & was built around the motto: ‘Warriors Helping Warriors'- we are CRPS Warriors, here to help CRPS Warriors. We understand the challenges of living with CRPS & have spent many spoons to create a change for the future generation of patients, doctors & caregivers. We want CRPS Warriors to know that they are not alone, we are here to help equip you with information, support and guidance along your CRPS journey. CRPS has the highest rated pain on the McGill Pain Index, so we are here to help ALL Chronic Pain Patients Conquer their conditions.

Since 2018, we have raised funds for 2 new CRPS treatment research projects in Canada by creating & organizing the Walk To Conquer CRPS. Our first virtual event was in 2021, which allowed participants from all over the world to join us in the movement of Conquering CRPS.  The Walk To Conquer CRPS happens every August, so be sure to check back for more information on the upcoming events! 

Since 2017, we have been creating CRPS awareness content through social media and blogging platforms. So far, we have created Motivational Mondays, Tips & Tricks Tuesdays, Wednesday Wisdoms, Thursday Thoughts from Spoonies and Fun Fridays. In our early years, we completed a 365 day blogging challenge & a 50 Days with CRPS Challenge. You can now find us on Threads, Facebook, Instagram & Discord: @ConquerCRPS

In 2020, we requested & received a Proclamation in Nova Scotia for November 2, 2020 to be Color the World Orange Day in the province. In 2021, we received a Proclamation for November, 2021 to be Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month in Nova Scotia. In 2022, we worked with CRPS patients across Canada to receive Proclamations for CRPS Awareness Month in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island and Alberta. 2023 was a challenging year for this project, but we still managed to receive Proclamations in Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. We have BIG goals for 2024 and will make announcements soon.  THANK YOU to all of the amazing CRPS volunteers across Canada that have helped us reach these incredible goals!

In 2022, we began the CRPS Warrior of the Month project to highlight some of the incredible people we have connected with over the years. CRPS Warriors submit their story by emailing crpsdreamteam@gmail.com and we publish one story a month to be shared on social media and added to our CRPS Warrior of the Month Gallery. We have been inspired by the motivation & determination that each one of these Warriors has shown.

In 2023, the idea of Painfully Fabulous the podcast began. We raise CRPS awareness, while sharing information & trying to be 'painfully fabulous'.  We were also able to connect with an incredible team of researchers at McMaster University who are working on something quite incredible for the future of CRPS. We are looking forward to sharing more information SOON!

We have also been offering support, resources & information to CRPS patients & their caregivers through email and our weekly CRPS Support Group meetings on zoom. We are NOT doctors, but we have been connecting & helping CRPS patients around the world since 2018 & have been able to help many. To join our support services, please email conquercrpsmeetings@gmail.com 

 There are many projects & goals for the future! Follow us on social media for up to date information!

'We Are Stronger Together & Together We WILL Conquer CRPS'

2021 Proclamation in Nova Scotia
2020 Proclamation in Nova Scotia

To read the entire newspaper article about the Walk to Conquer CRPS in 2019-  https://www.saltwire.com/nova-scotia/news/walk-to-conquer-rare-pain-syndrome-set-for-august-338395/